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Are you trying to buy gold with bitcoin in the UK? Have you made cryptocurrency gains and would like to solidify some of those…literally…by buying one of the world’s most trusted reserve assets?

Buying gold with bitcoin is not only possible, it’s really quite easy to do! However, if you live in the UK and want to buy gold using bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, you may have come up against a few barriers when dealing with banks, credit cards or other payment providers. Having to sell your bitcoin before being able to buy gold, incurring fees and exchange costs is not always the best way to go.

Have you ever wondered whether it’s possible to avoid the hassle by buying gold directly with bitcoin? The information on this page should be able to help!

Can you buy gold with bitcoin?

Yes! Many online bullion dealers now offer bitcoin as a form of payment. Its super easy.

In fact, bitcoin is becoming a more preferred method of payment when purchasing gold online.

What type of gold can I buy with bitcoin?

Pretty much any gold asset such as gold coins, bullion bars, gold jewellery and vaulted gold bullion.

Is it actually legal to buy gold in the UK with bitcoin?

In the UK and in most developed countries, it is perfectly legal to buy gold with bitcoin.

However, always double check depending where you live and the laws involved.

Most gold dealers understand the value of bitcoin and are happy to use bitcoin as a payment method.

How do I actually buy gold with bitcoin?

Very simple. Go to the website of your favourite online precious metals dealer, then choose the gold bullion you would like to purchase, we prefer BullionStar.

Then, simply proceed to checkout like any online shopping site and fill out your usual personal details and shipping address.

You can then pay directly from your bitcoin wallet and you would usually receive your physical gold within days.

You can also buy and trade from exchanges such as BullionStar.

At BullionStar the gold is 100% allocated gold. This means all the gold you purchase is in your name as your legal property.

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Bitcoin and gold.

Bitcoin has had truly incredible gains over the past 10 years. In fact, since early 2010, bitcoin has posted gains over 9,000,000%! That makes it the best performing asset of the decade.

For the early adopters of bitcoin, that is some substantial gain. Even with these price gains it has not been an easy ride compared to gold. Bitcoin has seen extremely high volatility in the market, making it difficult for investors to maintain a steady investment.

Yes, bitcoin has enjoyed some fantastic price gains over 10 years, but whichever way you look at it, there has been quite a lot of volatility in the price of bitcoin, swinging from a peak of almost $20,000 per bitcoin at the end of 2017, to now hovering around $15000 (November 2020). This makes it incredibly difficult to predict how bitcoin might react in the future.

If you buy gold with bitcoin, then you are essentially making yourself less exposed to the volatility of bitcoin, as gold has proved to be a stable and reliable store of value for centuries.

Buy gold with bitcoin.

More and more online gold and silver bullion dealers now accept bitcoin as a form of payment. There are even some sites that actually specialise in selling physical gold, silver and other precious metals for bitcoin, such as Bitgild who accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Many online dealers are starting to accept other cryptocurrencies such as litecoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, eos, ripple and dash.

If you want to convert your bitcoin savings into a more physical asset, then physical gold and silver could be the perfect investment option. All you need is your bitcoin wallet or an exchange to pay for your gold or silver with bitcoin or the other cryptocurrencies you might have.

Gold has been a store of value for decades, so you can see how the price of gold reacts to political or financial uncertainty and roughly gage what is going to happen to the price in general. Gold, therefore, might be a good option for crypto fans to help diversify an investment portfolio outside the standard investment portfolio structure, such as stocks and bonds.

Bypass fiat currency and the banking system.

Many fans of bitcoin are often drawn to cryptocurrency because of lack of faith in the banking sector, or lack of faith in the current fiat currency system. Buying gold with bitcoin can help diversify overall investments while fending off general concerns about the banking system or fiat currency.

Due to more online precious metal dealers now accepting bitcoin as a payment method, you now have the opportunity to completely bypass the fiat currency and banking system.

You can simply earn bitcoin online, and buy physical gold that can be delivered directly to your home with no bank or fiat currency involved.

You have the added value of bypassing standard credit card and transaction fees. Yes, there are obviously fees involved when processing a payment with bitcoin.

However, especially for large purchases, a transaction to buy gold or silver with bitcoin could cost considerably less in fees than the same payment made with a credit card.

Using bitcoin.

Bitcoin is very secure.

It is extremely difficult or almost impossible to corrupt or copy due to complicated algorithms and the use of blockchain technology.

If you wish to secure your virtual currency savings into something physical, gold or silver would be considered a secure investment for the long term.

With most trusted online dealers, orders are carefully packaged and 100% insured to give you peace of mind.


As time goes by, you will likely see more and more companies offering bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. It is almost inevitable, due to the revolutionary nature of bitcoin and it’s ever growing popularity.

Both bitcoin and gold have similar qualities and values that can work in harmony with each other, and it is always best to have some diversity in your investment portfolio.

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