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On this page you will find post about the pros and cons of investing in gold as well as information about the precious metals markets and the economy. 

First and foremost, gold is not an income producing investment like other assets such as equities, bonds or property, that you would normally find in a standard investment portfolio.

With gold investors, it is all about the gold prices going up or down and how this fits in to your overall investment portfolio. 

Investors would normally use gold to help diversify and add a so called ‘insurance policy’ during uncertain times. 

More often than not, the price of gold tends to increase when other standard investments such as equities start to fall. 

Gold is seen as a safety net when the stock market is in decline.

Many financial experts often recommend gold as part of a diverse investment portfolio.

Gold and gold coins are a great asset to provide you with a stable investment in times of economic uncertainty.

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