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Vaulted gold.

Vaulted gold and silver, which is also known as ‘allocated gold and/or silver’, is basically bullion that is stored at highly secure precious metals storage facilities that are usually facilitated by a third-party vaulting company. 

100% allocated, means all the gold and silver you purchase is in your name as your legal property.

This is good to know, because if something was to happen to the vaulting company, liquidators would not be able to touch your gold, giving you peace of mind that your gold bullion is safe. 

Essentially they cannot claim the precious metal that you have in storage (a separate entity to the vaulting company).

Storing your gold and/or silver investments in a vault like this is a very common highly secure option for many precious metal investors. 

Using a vaulting company allows flexibility and gives you an efficient way to buy, store and sell allocated gold and silver bullion all from one place.

The gold and silver you own in the vault is usually labeled in your name and insured in case of loss or damage. Overall, this saves you from potential hassle related to storing and shipping of gold and silver bullion. 

Having your bullion in a private, secure vault (using an established and trusted provider), offers ultimate peace of mind.

Gold and Silver bars. 

BullionVault lets private investors around the world access the professional bullion markets. You can benefit from the lowest costs for buying, selling and storing gold and silver.

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The professional market only deals in what are known as ‘Good Delivery bars’.

Good Delivery bars are cast according to the standards set by LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) and are kept in highly secure vaults in stable countries across the globe, such as London (UK), Zurich (Switzerland), New York (USA), Singapore etc. These vaults are recognised and monitored by the local gold dealing community. 

Every time bars are moved, a careful record is maintained, showing continuous storage through trusted hands.  

Good Delivery bars.

Gold Good Delivery bars are usually 400 troy ounces each (12.4kg) 

Silver bars are usually 1,000 troy ounces (31.1kg) 

Allocated gold. 

Owning allocated gold and silver can potentially save you money, as you don’t need to buy whole gold or silver bars (standard gold bar 400-troy-ounce), but still have the benefits of the lower premiums of the professional bullion market. 

Vaulted bullion is often the most cost-effective way to hold physical gold and silver for personal storage.

1oz of a gold bar for example, would usually retail for slightly lower premium than a 1oz bullion coin delivered to your home. 

Buying vaulted gold and silver means you still have physical ownership of the bullion, without the ongoing hassle and fees of transporting the precious metals to your home and the worry that goes with securely storing your investment. 

Buy gold and silver by the gram. 

Vaulted bullion companies such as BullionVault, even offer you the option of buying vaulted gold and silver at as little as a single gram at a time. 

However, for investment purposes it’s best to buy sizes over 1oz.

Spread out your investment in different locations. 

By using vaulted storage, this can be a way to store your investment in different, stable locations around the world. 

Whether in London or Singapore, taking advantage of different locations allows for the ultimate maximum security for your precious metals.

24hr access. 

Many vaulting companies offer full online control 24/7 using an online account. You can usually buy, sell bullion and withdraw funds anytime.

Your gold is protected. 

Your gold is much better protected in a third-party storage facility than say, in your home. Vaulting companies protect your precious metal investment from many threats such as burglary, fire, or natural disaster.

Hassle free. 

Vaulting companies such as BullionVault and GoldBroker, make it very quick and easy for the customer to sign up and start buying vaulted gold and silver. 

In many cases, you could actually own any quantity of physical bullion in a few hours of signing up and verifying your account. 


Storing your precious metals investment with a reputable offshore vaulting company can be a good option to combat any possibility of government confiscation, if that is a potential threat in your own country. 

What are the disadvantages? 

A potential disadvantage of vaulted storage is that you lose nearby access to your precious metals.

Storing gold at home could work out less expensive, especially for smaller amounts of bullion, however, there are obvious risks involved in storing precious metals at home. 

If you want to actually hold the physical gold or silver bars or coins in your hands, this could be tricky, as you may have to travel far to the vault, which could be in places such as Singapore or London. 


In terms of access and liquidity, you can see why many people choose to go with a bullion vaulting company, which gives you almost all the advantages of possession with none of the drawbacks.

Where to buy vaulted gold? 

BullionVault offer vaulted gold from as little as 1gram at a time. You also get 4 grams of Vaulted silver FREE by signing up with a new account here.  

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GoldBroker also offer vaulted gold. They are great for larger online orders and are a well-established, trusted bullion dealer. 

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Buy Vaulted Gold with Bitcoin. If you prefer to use crypto as your method of payment then Vaultoro is an online exchange based in the UK that allows its users to trade Bitcoin or DASH for physical vaulted gold and vice versa, without the need to use a fiat currency or a bank account.

Claim 1/2 a gram of gold when you trade a min of €500 worth of BTC/GOLD

Read our Vaultoro review here.

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